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SURVEY: Peer Enhanced Learning

WARNING: the date of this post is approximate! All announcements from 2008 to 2013 have APPROXIMATE, guessed dates, because restored from a partial backup, to document the history of FTA.

The Free Technology Academy is designing on a new peer-based model for online courses: the Enhanced Peer Learning (EPL) model. EPL courses can be delivered in an online campus using forums and other asynchronous communication tools to be as flexible as possible for learners.

FTA Announce #19: GNU Linux Advanced

Since January 2012 the FTA courses are organised in a bottom-up fashion: courses will take off if a sufficient number of participants have expressed their interest in a specific course and a minimum amount of tuition fees has been collected. The number of learners influences the degree of interaction, necessary to provide a fruitful learning experience.

FTA Announce #16: Learners take the lead

1. A Community-based FTA

Following the announcement about rebooting the FTA, quite a few people have sent us encouraging emails, some willing to take courses, complete masters, others to teach courses, offer company training through the FTA campus or help otherwise. Though the first reaction for many of us was that of surprise and sadness, now we are also seeing this as an opportunity!

The "Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software" joins the FTA

Amsterdam, Netherlands/Thessaloniki, Greece -- May 2011 --

The Free Technology Academy (FTA) and the Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software / Open Source Software (Greek Linux User Group - Greek.LUG), announced today their partnership, joining the FTA's International Associate Partner Network. The Network aims to expand the availability of professional educational courses and materials covering the concepts and applications of Free Software and the Open Standards.

FTA Announcement #11: Register Now, Guest Lectures, DocBook and New FTA Materials

Last chance to register for the first term of 2011!

Registrations for the 2011 programme are growing at a very good pace. Remember that you can register for any course of the programme until one week before the term starts. This means that you have time until January 3rd to register for these courses: