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Free Software in Public Administrations


This course aims to provide students with the main issues concerning the implementation of Free Software into government agencies. These, among other functions have to ensure the security and transparency of public information to citizens, they have a special responsibility regarding the use of public funds applied to information technology and communication (ICT). It is in this sense that public authorities have positioned themselves as one of the most important target groups regarding the use and promotion of Free Software. Licensing cost savings, promotion of local industry, location of the languages marked by the social interest and not strictly commercial, promotion of the information society and knowledge based on free technologies and open standards, among many others, are some of the issues that have generated a public debate and still remain in full force.

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify the main political, social and economic arguments behind the adoption and promotion of Free Software by public administrations.
  • To know the needs and repercussions of Free Software in the public sector
  • To recognise the real opportunities for implementing Free Software in a public administration
  • To know and analyse some of the best known Free Software migration projects in public administrations.
  • To be able to design a Free Software migration plan in a public administration


Teaching Staff

See the FTA tutors page.

Academic Requirements

It's recommended to have initially completed the Concepts of Free Software and Open Standards course first.


If you want to enroll into this course, please follow the instructions in the main Courses page.


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