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Free Software Tools and Utilities



This tools and utilities course will introduce students to some of the programs designed for the desktop environments of end users. We can use these programs to browse the Internet securely (Firefox, Tor..), manage our e-mail and work in groups (Thunderbird, Mutt) and to create word-processor text documents, spreadsheets and presentations (Libre Office). On this course, students will learn how to work with these free tools in different environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the advantages of free tools in terms of cost, security and features
  • Installing and configuring the most common free desktop and office application
  • Using these free desktop and office applications in GNU/Linux environments
  • Knowing how these free tools can replace their proprietary equivalents without a loss of productivity

Teaching Staff

See the FTA tutors page.

Academic Requirements

This module doesn't require special previous knowledges.


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This material is part of the module: "Free Software utilities".

Tools and utilities in free software

  • Author: Jesús Corrius i Llavina
  • Coordinators:David Megías Jiménez, Jordi Mas, Ana-Elena Guerrero Roldán
  • Licenses: GNU Free Documentation License, Creative Commons Attribute ShareAlike License
  • Information: 365 Pages; 107.4Mb