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Web applications development


This course starts with an introduction to the internet, including a brief history of the TCT/IP protocol and worldwide web. It defines the basic concepts for web servers and studies the case of Apache, the most used webserver, while other free software webservers are not forgotten. The course continues with webpage design focussing on HTML and JavaScript. XML Schemas, their validation and transformation are covered as well as dynamic webpages built with CGI, PHP or JSP and database access.

Webservices are software components that are accessible through SOAP and have their interface described with WSDL (Web Service Description Language). In this section the XML-RPC protocol is discussed among other things.

Learning Outcomes


  • Installing and configuring a web server
  • Writing dynamic web pages, accessing data bases and using web services
  • Applying security concepts to web servers
  • Designing and implementing web applications


  • The information structuring language XML
  • Web service protocols and languages

European e-Competence Framework

  • A.5 (Systems Architecture) level 3
  • A.6 (Application Design) level 2
  • B.1 (Design and Development) level 3
  • B.2 (Systems Integration) level 3
  • B.4 (Systems Deployment) level 2
  • E.3 (Risk Management) level 2

ACM Computing Classification System

  • H.3.5 (Online Information Services)
  • H.5.4 (Hypertext/Hypermedia)

Teaching Staff

See the FTA tutors page.

Academic Requirements

Previous experience at user level with any operating system is recommended. Expertise in systems administration in any platform is desirable.


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Book: Introduction to Web Applications Development
Book cover

This material is part of the module: "Web Applications Development".

  • Author: Carles Mateu
  • Coordinator:Jordi Mas Hern├índez