Before asking any information about FTA courses, please read this! Thanks!

Starting a new year...

In the last two years, we of the Free Knowledge Institute (the FTA's parent organization) were very, very, very busy with the Horizon2020 DiDIY (Digital DIY) Project. Have a look at the DiDIY website, and you will understand why, and why it was also important from the FTA point of view (and you may also want to sign the DiDIY Manifesto for a Creative Society!).

Almost all FTA textbooks are back online

The rebuilding of the whole Free Technology Academy continues. Slowly, but surely.

Today, we are pleased to announce that our Modules page now has all working links to the pages of all our courses, and that almost all those pages include a working link to the corresponding FTA textbook. Practical information about all the FTA courses instead, that is calendars, fees, enrolment procedures and so on, continues to stay in the main Courses page.

As far as the textbooks are concerned:

New Open Network Technologies textbook is online. Which other ones you want?

We are pleased to announce that, following the "recovery" of our Gnu/Linux textbooks last week, we now have online also the NEW EDITION of the official textbook for our course on Open Network Technologies. Both this course on Open Networks and the two ones on Gnu/Linux (Basic and Advanced) will run a new session starting September 28th, 2015.


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