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Deliverables of the original FTA project

WP1 - Project Management

The management, financial and activity reports as required by LLP.

WP2 - Virtual Campus

  • Implementation of a virtual campus.
  • Description and evaluation of the Virtual Campus: A document describing 1) the architecture of the campus, its modules and features, and installation instructions; 2) an evaluation of the technical aspects and performance of running the campus for the pilot (WP5); and 3) recommendations for improvement.

WP3 - Course Development

A set of eight educational modules in English and in the SCORM format. Although the complete set of modules will be delivered in month 18, the first four modules will be ready in month 12. This will enable the start of the first phase of the pilot at the beginning of the second year

WP4 - Certification & Recognition

A set of learning outcomes per module (D5). To a certain extent these have already been defined by UOC for use in its own master programme. Work to be done includes:

  • Refining the competences to ensure a fit with the European e-Competence Framework and relevant national frameworks,
  • Translation,
  • Identifying areas where competences have to be added or strengthened to comply with national requirements.
  • A set of bilateral agreements between the FTA partners (D7), in order to establish mutual recognition of certificates for FTA modules.
  • A fully described and implemented system of Quality Assurance procedures (D6.1).
  • A set of recognised international specialists to form the joint Scientific Council (D6.2), which will oversee QA procedures in relation to the curricula, faculty competences, student performance, learning facilities and outcomes assessment.
  • Setup of periodic reviews by the Scientific Council (D6.3) in order to improve the QA process. Means employed will include interviews of learners, faculty and staff and inspection of relevant documentation.

WP5 - Pilot Programme

D8 - Exploitation Plan

A document defining:

a) the exact educational programme including courses, learning materials, schedules, lecturers and guest lecturers from the FTA network, coaches and exams;

b) a detailed budget with income and costs;

c) future plans regarding the extension of the programme in terms of new educational materials, partners and economic sustainability. This document will be adjusted after the evaluation of the pilot programme.

D9 - Pilot Programme

Realisation of the pilot programme.

D10 - Evaluation and Recommendations

A document describing

a) the evaluation methods;

b) the evaluation results;

c) recommendations regarding the FTA programme; and

d) general recommendations for the use of the University Campus.

Workpackage 6

D11 - Dissemination and Network Strategy

A document describing the FTA dissemination and network strategy. It will include a definition of each of the communication products (website, newsletter, articles, press releases) and a list of potential partners.

D12 - Memoranda of Understanding

A set of Memoranda of Understanding with FTA associate partners specifying their contribution and benefits from their participation in the network.