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FTA Announce #18: FTA 2012 courses focus on GNU/Linux skills

The Free Technology Academy expects to run two course modules for users and systems administrators who want to get started with GNU/Linux systems. Skills in this area are increasingly demanded and hard to find for employers, making these topics very interesting for any IT professional.

Basic GNU/Linux

This module covers the basics of the Free Software philosophy while teaching you how to use and modify GNU/Linux to suit your needs and how to find your way in this new world. Previous experience at user level with any operating system is recommended. Basic skills in systems administration in any platform is desirable. Please note that this module is not a master-level course.

The 'Basic GNU/Linux' course module is scheduled to start on April 9, 2012

Enrol here: /enrolment-help

GNU/Linux Advanced

This module focuses on the administration of GNU/Linux systems. Participants will learn how to install, configure and optimise a GNU/Linux operating system and the most common services. During this course learners will engage in practical activities related to these topics, applying them in real GNU/Linux systems. Basic knowledge of GNU/Linux is recommended. Expertise in system administration in any plattform is desirable background. Understanding the Concepts of Free Software and Open Standards is recommended.

The 'GNU/Linux Advanced' course module is scheduled to start on September 10, 2012

Enrol here: /enrolment-help

Other FTA Modules

The FTA has a wide offer of courses that can be run whenever there is a sufficient number of interested learners. Please check the list of modules and check whether there is already a group of people interested in the discussion mailing list.

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