The Free Technology Academy is closed. To know why, and what may come next, please read here. To find and download FTA resources not listed in these pages, instead, please visit the Free Technology Academy File Archive! Thanks!

FTA Calendar 2015: a new website, more courses, and a new tutor

2014 has been a busy year for the Free Technology Academy (FTA), even if almost nothing of that activity was visible from the outside. Some of the fruits of this work, however, will be available at the beginning of 2015, as follows:

A new website is coming

During the summer we have "reset" the FTA wiki and campus as well as the wiki of the Free Knowledge Institute, by reinstalling from scratch the corresponding software (*). This was a long overdue move, which is not finished yet, but also the best, if not the only way, to both facilitate future maintenance, and to provide up to date, well organized content. The same "reset", for the same reasons (2), will be applied sometimes in January to the main FTA website, so don't be surprised if some of your links breaks!

Next sessions of GNU/Linux and Personal Cloud courses

The first sessions for 2015 of these courses will all start on January 19th:

Network Technologies course reopens!

We saved the best for last. The FTA is happy to announce that Diarmuid O'Briain has joined the FTA team, as tutor of the course in Network Technologies. Diarmuid has already started to update the FTA textbook for this course and plans to start the first session within the first quarter of 2015. Stay tuned!

How to enrol and know more about FTA and these courses

To enrol in any of the courses listed above, just send an email to, with a subject of "Enrolment request: COURSE NAME", and we will send detailed instructions. You're welcome to send to the same email address any other question you may have about the Free Technology Academy.

(1) Whoever is interested in helping us to rebuild the wikis, as explained in their home pages, is welcome to join!