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FTA GNU/Linux textbooks are back online

As you may already know, last month we started to (slowly) rebuild from scratch the whole website of the Free Technology Academy, to make it much easier to maintain and use than it was before.

One of the unavoidable consequences of this activity is that most links to our course materials were broken. Today we have put back online the textbooks for two of the three courses whose next session will start on September 28th, 2015: Gnu/Linux Basic and Gnu/Linux Advanced (the textbook for the Open Networks course, that also starts on the same day, will be uploaded in the next days).

Please note that both textbooks are only used as starting points during our courses, where (also depending on what the students ask to work on!) we study and practice much more than what they contain. At the same time, while not completely up to date, these textbooks are both freely available under an open licenses, and can be useful as bases for studying Gnu/Linux alone.

You can find the two textbooks, together with more information about each course, from these two pages:

Another textbook that is already available is the one about Tools and utilities in free software.