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New Open Network Technologies textbook is online. Which other ones you want?

We are pleased to announce that, following the "recovery" of our Gnu/Linux textbooks last week, we now have online also the NEW EDITION of the official textbook for our course on Open Network Technologies. Both this course on Open Networks and the two ones on Gnu/Linux (Basic and Advanced) will run a new session starting September 28th, 2015. For more details and enrolment information, please read here. Now, regardless of those courses, we have a question for you:

Which other Open Textbooks do you want now?

As you probably already know, several links on this website are broken because we started to rebuild it from scratch last month. Since, for several reasons, we can only do this a bit at a time, we want to give precedence to the parts you need the most, starting from our open textbooks. Please have a look at our Modules, and let us know (by email at which of the corresponding textbooks, and info page, we should put back online first.