The Free Technology Academy is closed. To know why, and what may come next, please read here. To find and download FTA resources not listed in these pages, instead, please visit the Free Technology Academy File Archive! Thanks!

Sample Programme (2015)

The Free Technology Academy campus offers the courses and activities listed in the two tables below: the first one lists the currently active courses, the second courses already given in past years, ready to be reactivated.

Active Courses

Module Start End Mode Fee Registration
Personal Cloud Computing with Free Software May 4th, 2015 EPL 30€/month Open
Basic GNU/Linux May 4th, 2015 MLC 380 €/13 weeks Open
GNU/Linux Advanced May 4th, 2015 MLC 380 €/13 weeks Open
Network Technologies May 4th, 2015 MLC 380 €/13 weeks Open

Past courses, ready for reactivation

(unless otherwise specified, the fees are the same as those of the active courses of the same type)


In general, some courses may start only on demand, while others are scheduled by FTA at more or less regular intervals throughout each year (the table always lists the next session), but extra-sessions may be started on demand for them too. Custom editions of some courses, with programs optimized for pre-constituted groups of participants (e.g. members of the same Public Administration), may also be activated on demand. In any case, all the course modules can be offered provided that a minimum number of enroled learners is reached (usually, but not always, 10).

General explanations about and conditions for participation can be found at the enrolments page and the general conditions page.

As the degree of interaction, necessary to provide a fruitful learning experience, depends on the number of participating learners, the scheduled modules will only take place if they reach or surpass a minimum threshold of 10 participants.

Tuition Fees

The FTA is committed to make all software and educational materials openly available under free licenses, so access and reuse is maximised. The FTA charges tuition fees to cover only the marginal costs of running the courses and tries to keep costs as low as reasonably possible to make participation in its tutored courses accessible to those interested. In case that tuition fees are an unsolvable problem for participation, please suggest a solution through the contact form and we can consider alternatives. Tuition fees will be lowered as the number of enrolments increases.

More information

Here you can find more information about enrolment in the Academy and about the general conditions or go directly to the enrolment page. For participation in the FTA, we recommend you join the FTA discussion list.