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Working towards a Joint Degree

Draft for a common master curriculumFTA partners UOC, OUNL, URJC and FKI have been working together for quite some time to define the basis for a Joint Degree on Free Technologies. This is to be a joint programme, where learners follow a part of the courses at each university and obtain one Masters degree, issued by the participating universities.

The idea is that courses can be all taken online, while some universities might be organising additional face-to-face activities. We consider online courses to be the most attractive for dispersed groups of learners, who may reside in different countries. It also builds further upon the common methodologies as developed together in the FTA Consortium, like Open Educational Resources, educational methodologies optimised for online learning, joint quality assurance procedures, a virtual campus based on Free Software, etc.

Over the last years several FTA partners have been working together to define the basic structure of such joint programme. A taskforce for an international master programme has been set up. Previous work in this direction includes plans for a common master curriculum, double or multiple degrees, and several workshops that have been held in various conferences. People interested in discussing the development of such master curriculum are welcome to join the discussion group at the FTA Campus.

A timeline for developing the full plans for a Joint Degree and obtaining this accredited through national agencies in each country is estimated at around two years. In the mean time interested learners can take individual course modules at each of the universities.