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Gnu/Linux Advanced


GNU/Linux systems have reached a level of maturity that allows to integrate them in almost any kind of work environment, from mobile phones to server farms.

The contents of the module "The GNU/Linux operating system" are mostly related to systems administration. Students will learn how to install, configure and optimise a GNU/Linux operating system and the most widely used computer services.

During this course students will engage in practical activities related to these topics, applying them in real GNU/Linux systems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the GNU/Linux operating system at user level
  • Manage GNU/Linux systems
  • Know and apply the basic GNU/Linux commands
  • Know and work with the command line interface of the Knoppix distribution
  • Know how to install GNU/Linux and the Debian distribution
  • Know how to configure the X-Windows Graphical User Interface and network protocol

Teaching Staff

See the FTA tutors page.

Academic Requirements

Previous experience at user level with any operating system is recommended. Expertise in systems administration in any platform is desirable.


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Book cover

Gnu/Linux Advanced Administration

This material is part of the Module 2: "The GNU/Linux Operating System".

  • Authors: Remo Suppi Boldrito, Josep Jorba Esteve
  • Coordinator:Josep Jorba Esteve