20) The technical design of the solution is obtained through the internal specification design.

21) The operating procedures are defined through the operating environment specification.

22) The product is guaranteed to be "fault tolerant" using Sun Sigma techniques.

23) A scorecard is created to measure the critical parts of the design.

24) New contact is established with the product support groups.

25) Start of the experimentation phase for testing optimum product performance.

26) Planning of the integration phase and final product testing.

27) Definition of the specification of the integration phase and testing.

28) Registration of the product's source code.

29) The first global deployment is conducted in a controlled environment with a small group of end users.

30) The deployment integration and testing phase is carried out.

31) System verification testing is planned.

32) Definition of the system verification specifications.

33) Validation with the Management Committee to ensure that the solution meets the technical and functional requirements and that it is ready for the validation phase.