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Book: Open Networks

Open Networks

  • Authors: Enric Peig Olivé
  • Licenses: GNU Free Documentation License
  • Information: 53 Pages; 2.8 Mb
This coursebook explores the different aspects of open technologies that are at the foundations of modern computer networks. The Internet is built on top of open protocols and open standards.

"Open" in this context means the opposite of "private". Private networks are those which belong to companies or institutions who impose restrictions on users who join them. Open networks do not belong to anybody because the devices they use are made available by the members of the community.

Communities are enabled by open network design and innovation emerges. That is the foundation of P2P production and distribution models, IP telephony and multimedia streaming technologies.

Book cover

Evolution of this book

The FTA has reused existing course materials from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). The first version of this course book was published in 2004 for the Master Programme in Free software of the UOC.
In 2009, this material has been improved by the Free Technology Academy. Additionally the FTA has developed a study guide and learning activities which are available for learners enrolled in the FTA Campus.

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